The Outdoors

Natural beauty surrounds the cabin year-round. The Tomorrow River provides soothing sounds, recreation, wildlife, and more. The wooded areas provide shade in the summer and splendid colors in the fall. Here are some favorite photos to look at:

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A Barn Roof

What is a barn roof doing on a log cabin? A great question. Through a series of coincidences which included a meticulously dismantled barn roof, a semi with wide load permits, and a willing crew, this hip or gambrel roof found its way from Menomenee, WI to become the ceiling of the cabin. Its rustic charm can be seen whenever you look up, while a modern, super-insulated roof structure keeps the elements out 24/7. Take a peek at how the roof came to be:

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The Stairs

When you first walk into the cabin, you can't help but notice a tree in the midst of the space with stairs growing out of it. The tree, a ironwood, was leaning and threatening a power line when Chuck spotted it. He rescued it and it has become the focal point of the cabin. The stair treads are made of lumber reclaimed from a nearby furniture factory.  Snowshoes, apple limbs, and other interesting things have made their way into the spiral staircase. You'll have to count the number of spirals the ironwood makes from roots to tip.

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